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Appnana Hack: Unlimited NaNas Cheat

appnana hack Image

How To Get Free NaNas Using Our Appnana Hack/Cheat?

Our appnana hack was created to help many users struggling to get their rewards and because of that we’ve simplified the way to get nanas. We’ve made it so easy to cheat your way to millions of nanas. What you do is really simple it’s all facing you above. There’s nothing additonal, no rooting no jailbreaking. It’s a simple concept and very easy to do, the way you go about this is connect your device enter your username, go ahread and select the amount of nanas you’d like and then hit the generate button our hack engine will run the generator and this will in turn fill your account with beautiful nanas! We don’t know how long this exploit will work and no it’s not an apk mod! Enjoy! All praises to Karewara!

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What Is Appnana?

The most popular mobile reward app from iOS is now available on Android!!
Try free apps and redeem any gift card for free! Members earned over $5 Million in games and gift card credits. Read more about it here

Appnana Codes- Earn nanas fast!

What’s your invitation code? If you know it, you may want to join the subreddit and do a few point swaps, according to their subreddit:

What are the codes people post on this subreddit?

Every user has a code that they can use to invite others. If someone inputs their code in the invitation menu, both members earn 2500 nanas. For every 5 people someone invites, they can input one code.

that’s right, you’ll get 2500 nanas for everyone who inputs your code! So go share yours and hope for the best. Reddit is filled with the code exchanges, so if you need you can do a search in reddit for “Appnana” ensure you don’t limit the search to your current subreddit. As a bonus here’s an old thread with HUNDREDS of codes you can make use of starting today!

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